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Members may borrow 4 items for up to 4 weeks. One ‘toy’ may be a bag of smaller items (e.g. blocks, cars, balls etc) or a large ‘floor toy’ (e.g. slide or ride-on car).

There is a borrowing limit of two “Large” toys per member, which ensures there is always a variety of the popular, larger toys for everyone. A “Large” toy is anything that does not fit in a bag – so this includes all ride-on toys, toys in boxes, and some of the larger “sport” toys.


How to take care of your toys.



Go to http://ballarat.mibase.com.au/

You will also be able to browse our toy collection and see which toys are currently at the library and which are out on loan.

We are slowly adding photos of the toys, but this is a very time-consuming job, so please be patient – or feel free to volunteer your time to help us with this task.



Alternatively, click the links for pictures of some of the toys in each category:

Baby Playmats

Activity Tables

Blocks, Lego & Duplo

Trikes, Ride On and Climb On Toys

Play Houses, Kitchens and Toolbenches

Water/Sand Play Tables

Puzzles and Games


Tunnels, Slides and Rollercoasters

Musical Instruments

Cars and Trains

Arts and Crafts

Multicultural Toys