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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get there?

We are located at the Eureka Family Resource Centre, 507 Humffray Street South, Ballarat (the nearest corner is Grant Street).

What can we borrow?

Members may borrow 4 items for 4 weeks.

Toys are stored on the shelves in bags. The bags display information about the toy such as safety advice, number of pieces and general description. There is an extensive range of big toys that are stored on the library centre floor. There is a borrowing limit of two large floor toys per member. This ensures that there is always a variety of large toys for members to borrow.

What is toy library duty?

For those members who choose the discounted membership, it is a condition of membership to complete one duty per roster (approx every 3 months). The sign up sheet is on the desk at the Toy Library and members need to have a date nominated at least 1 month prior to the new roster beginning. Where this has not occurred, the committee will nominate a date for you based on your availability as per your application form. The roster is emailed out to all members. Duty members work with our coordinator and are largely responsible for the checking-in and out of toys. If you are ever unable to do your duty, please follow the procedure set out on the roster and then advise the committee via the mobile phone. Failure to attend your duty session without following these procedures will result in a $15 fine.

Fines and charges

Many of our toys are expensive and once a few pieces go missing, the toy becomes less desirable. If you return a toy with pieces missing, there is a $1 fine per piece. This is refunded when the piece is returned. Bags are classed as a ‘piece’ of the borrowed toy, and incur the same $1 fine if missing.

If toys are overdue for return, there is a charge of $1 per toy per week after the due date.

Borrowing toys

All toys must be counted (by you) before borrowing. Please count the pieces before taking the toy to the counter for borrowing. If there are missing pieces, inform the duty person who will note this on the computer. This way, you will not be fined upon the return of the toy.

Returning toys

The duty member will count the toy pieces upon return. Please return all toys clean (as you would like to borrow them). If you alert the duty person of any repairs needed, the committee will be advised so this can occur. Our policy concerning damaged toys is that normal wear and tear will occur. For more information it is advisable to refer to the policy folder in the Toy Library.

Care of Toys

Please read the information here about how to clean and care for the toys you have borrowed.

Management Committee

The Toy Library is managed by a committee of members. All members are encouraged to attend the meetings and are also invited to join the Committee. A list of committee members can be obtained through our coordinator at the library. The Committee meets at the library at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of each month. Please feel free to come along to any meeting, or make contact with a committee member (ph 0439 002 769 or email info@ballarattoylibrary.com.au) for more information.

Children at the Toy Library

Children are welcome in the Library while you borrow or do duty. However, please note that parents/guardians are responsible for their children at all times. All toys and equipment are to be packed away by parents and/or children after being played with.


During the Christmas closure, all toys are returned to the Toy Library for cleaning and stock take. Members are invited to assist in this task. A roster will be displayed in the Toy Library in November and December for this task.

New members

Shortly after joining, our Member Coordinator will contact you to provide you with additional information. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Anything else you’d like to know now?

Email us at info@ballarattoylibrary.com.au