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  • Each member is responsible for ensuring the toys they borrow are thoroughly cleaned and dried before they are returned. No-one likes to borrow a dirty toy
  • Cleaning the night before allows the toys to dry thoroughly before returning to the shelf
  • It’s a good idea to put away Toy Library toys when you have visitors
  • Regular counting of toy pieces will prevent a mad hunt at return time to find a piece that went missing two weeks ago

Cleaning Kit

  1. A cleaning formula which removes grease, such as Spray and Wipe
    • Tri-Nature (enviro-friendly)
    • Bi-carb and vinegar (enviro- friendly and non-toxic)
  2. A wettex
  3. An old toothbrush
  4. Most important of all satay sticks and cottonwool, to make a very fine cotton bud (commercial cottonbuds are too thick). You can use cocktail sticks/toothpicks but satay sticks are better as they are longer and stronger

How to clean toys

  • If soiled, wash the toy well with hot, soapy water – use the toothbrush to help. Use a grease-removing formula if necessary. Rinse.
  • Dry the toy with a tea towel. While still damp, use a satay stick with cottonwool to make very fine buds to clean all nooks, crannies and edges so that the toy is perfectly clean.
  • If your child has been ill, please disinfect the toys, but do not soak them in disinfectant as this can remove the colour from some plastics.

Baby Rattles

Please do not immerse these toys in water. Sometimes water gets in and cannot be removed. Rinse baby toys well of all soap detergent, or use bicarb.

Wooden Toys

Wash well, and in the case of Brio train sets, scrub well with a toothbrush and hot soapy water. These toys should not be soaked.

Duplo & Construction sets

Wash well with toothbrush and hot soapy water. Rinse and leave to drain overnight on a tea towel. A hairdryer is handy, but ensure it is not too hot.

Bath Toys

Do need cleaning, in fact, more thoroughly than most other toys. Use a grease removing formula and preferably a
little disinfectant as well.

Outdoor/Sandpit Toys

These must be well cleaned as most are used inside as well. Immerse in laundry tub. To remove all sand, keep rinsing under running water. Involve your child in the cleaning when removing all dirt and sand.


Must be cleaned despite being outside toys. Please do not leave outside overnight, in the rain, or in the hot sun, as their colour will deteriorate very quickly.

Dress ups

Allow time to wash and dry.

Wooden Puzzles

Wipe over all wooden puzzles with a hot, soapy, damp (not wet) wettex.

Board Games and Cardboard puzzles

Wipe over with a hot, damp (but not wet) wettex, cleaning all pieces.